23 September 2014

Bath and Body Works Fall Giveaway!!

Hope everyone enjoys the video, don't forget to enter!

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01 September 2014

Winter / Christmas 2014 Candle Names!

Happy Labor Day fragrance fans, today I bring you some exciting news regarding the new 2014 Holiday Test candles! After looking through Instagram I was able to bring up the collection names and the actual candle names. Of course not all of them are available yet, but from what I can tell.. these candles look very unique and different from past years! *PS* I am loving the Holiday Traditions labels, they are so home style Christmas.

Martini & Mistletoe Collection

-Pink Peppermint Swirl 

(The perfect fragrance for the holiday season, this dazzling blend of peppermint, sparkling spun sugar and a dash of vanilla will make guest want to dance 'till dawn)

-Black Tie

-Tis the Season

Made With Love Collection


-Pumpkin Gingerbread

-Butterscotch Toffee

-Cinnamon Frosting 


-Cinnamon and Clove Bud

*Left to right scent names are in order from above*

Holiday Traditions


-Frosted Cranberry

-Twisted Peppermint 

-Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

-Chestnut Roasting

-Vanilla Bean Noel

-Winter Candy Apple

Snow and Slopes

-Marshmallow Fireside

-Fresh Balsam

-Ski Lodge

-Hot Buttered Rum

-Spiced Apple Toddy

-Sparkling Icicles 

-Vanilla Snowflake


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25 August 2014

Fall Traditions Online Now + Fall Goodies!!

Hey fragrance fans, Bath and Body Works Fall 2014 Fall Traditions have officially hit the online store! They will also be available in stores on September 2nd. I will also be posting the rest of the newness that I could find that showed up online today. 

Fall Traditions


New Pumpkin Cafe + Halloween Soaps / Sanatizers 

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21 August 2014

Fall / Halloween Newnewss! Must See!

Fragrance Fans! This morning a bunch of new Fall / Halloween items popped up on the Online Store! So why not make a post and share whats new! EEP. Im jumping with joy, look at that black cat scent portable! 

August 21, 2014

So who's getting pumped for September 3rd?!

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20 August 2014

Halloween 2014 Collection

Fragrance fans, today I bring you some information on the new Bath and Body Works 2014 Halloween Collection. As of now there is not a ton of information on this collection, but from what we have been told there will be a full table dedicated to Halloween that will consist of.. "figurines, soaps, a new Haunted House Luminary, a new Mini Haunted House Luminary, Halloween Candles, and much more! We should also expect to see a lot of pumpkins, cats, and bats! The source from Instagram "bathandbodyworks_guru" who reviled this information says these items will become available September 3rd. But as always, dates can change so expect to see some Halloween goodies the first two weeks of September. Remember what I've said too.. if you see some Halloween items you want, get them and don't wait. If you wait too long, they could be sold out. Halloween items go extremely fast at B&BW.

 Below I will list and update information on this collection, check back often!


・ Trick or Treat 
A scary good blend of freshly toasted marshmallow, smoldering woods and vanilla bean.

Body Care

・Coming Soon

Anti-Bacterial / Soap

・Vampire Blood - Wicked Plum・
・Franken Kitty - Candy Apple・
・Ghoul Friend - Berry Scary・
Trick or Treat - Pumpkin Spice
Hoot Berry - Pomegranate Cherry

Vampire Blood - Wicked Plum
Hoot Berry - Pomegranate Cherry
Purrfect Potion - Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Decor / Acessories/Wallflower Unit

・New Large Haunted Luminary
・New Mini Haunted Luminary
Bat/Moon Wallflower Unit
・Bat Pocketbac Holder
・Black/White/Gray Owl Pocketbac Holder
・Mummified Blue Fox Pocketbac Holder
Black Cat Scentportable
Blinged Skull Scentportable
More Coming Soon

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