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New Semi - Annual - Sale Information!

07 May 2013

Hi everyone, Happy Tuesday! I have just learned about some of the new SaS products being brought back! Thank you to Cia for the information!( So let's dive in! First we will cover Body Care:
•Rainkissed Leaves
•Wild Honeysuckle
•Cucumber Melon
•Enchanted Orchid
•Apple Crumble
•Kitchen Spice
•Homemade Cookies
•Ice Cream Shop
•Caramel Apple
•Mint Chocolate
•Salty Caramel
•Wild Honeysuckle
•Rainkissed Leaves
•Vanilla Berry Sorbet
•Island Margarita
•Island Nectar
•Ocean Citrus 

Are you excited now?! I know I am! Those candles are all great, and fit my personal liking! 

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