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Glade Winter Collection 2013! + Febreze Winter Collection + Renuzit Winter Collection!

01 October 2013

Hi friends.. well well.. today we have a pretty decent sized Winter haul. In this post we will be taking a look at the BRAND NEW Glade Winter Collection 2013, an item from the Febreze Winter Collection, and a few items from the Renuzit Winter colleciton. OH and I have a special review a BRAND NEW product in my video.. make sure to watch the video because I will NOT be reviewing that here :) Lets begin with what everyone is dying to read about.. the Glade Winter Collection! 

Frosted Berry Kiss
Holiday magic is in the air! With ripe red berries and fresh green garlands, this festive fragrance captures the excitement of a kiss under the mistletoe. 

Lets begin this review with taking a moment to say "WoW' at the beautiful designs they have put together for this bottle. The white bow with the hanging mistletoe is just perfection.. Now the scent for this is A+.. after you spray this lovely product you get a subtle inviting warm berry note with under tones of sugar, vanilla, and a hint of pine. Over all the scent is great, a perfect sugar berry scent. Reminds me of walking into my aunts home on Christmas Eve.. I also picked up the air freshener twist in this.

Pure Vanilla Joy
Nothing says holidays like a fresh-baked batch of frosted cookies. Let the uplifting scent of pure, creamy vanilla keep you in the spirit all season long.

Lets begin the review of this product with taking a look at the bottle design. Once again, brilliant.. the vibrant blue mixed with the white makes me feel very at ease and excited for the upcoming Winter season. The scent itself is phenomenal, after sprayed you get a warm vanilla mixed with butter cream  and a touch of mint.. If B&BW Vanilla Snowflake had a room spray... this would be it! I could go on all day about this scent, but just know you wont regret purchasing this. I also picked up the wax melts, air freshener plug in, and the twist open air freshener in this scent.

Apple Cinnamon Cheer
Brrrr! Wrap those snowy mittens around a mug of steaming cider, and let the fragrance of red apples and spice warm you from head to toe.

Lets begin this review with the wonderful packaging.. just perfection! The scent on the other hand.. as much as I hate to say it, is the generic apple cinnamon scent from glade. But, I will add that there is a touch of cider added with makes it smell a bit unique. Over all if you love Glades apple cinnamon.. you will LOVE this scent! 

So what do you think of the new Glade Winter collection? Will you be picking these up during the Winter season? Leave a comment below! 

Okay.. now we are going to take a look at the Febreze Air Effects " Fluffy Vanilla ". 

Fluffy Vanilla 

Lets begin with taking a look at the bottle label design.. isn't that just perfect? Its light and fluffy! ;) The scent it self is Febreze's generic Vanilla scent.. but I will say this scent is very warm and comforting. It reminds me of those cold nights and having a sweet vanilla candle lit. B+

Next, lets take a quick look at the Renuzit Winter Collection! The two scents I purchased are Holiday Treats, and Sugar Plum. Holiday Treats is a sweet vanilla butter cream scent.. simple as that! The Sugar Plum scent, reminds me of those sugary candy drops that are chewy.. it has a nice berry feel, with sugary vanilla.

Alright everyone, that is it for now.. if you haven't scroll back up and watch my haul / review video for all of these products.. plus ONE special product! 

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