24 December 2013

Bath and Body Works (Sky, Air, Sun) New Body Care

Hi friends, Merry Christmas! I hope that you're enjoying your holiday. Well I have some information to share with all of you! So we all know about the new 2014 candles.. But what about the new body care? Well I am pleased to give you the new Bath and Body Works 2014 Body Care information! 

Scent Information: 
-Violet Lily Sky 
-Pear Blossom Air
 -Golden Magnolia Sun

From what I know this is the new body care line coming out Mid Jan / Feb.. The Sky, Sun, Air body care. As the photo says below sample sizes will be sold for $3. Just like the sweetheart collection it will be out for a week or so then the full line will launch. What I am wondering is if this will be three seperate body care items or one new one. We will just have to wait and find out! 

I would also like to take the time right now to thank all of you for the success of my blog and YouTube. Without all of you none of this would be possible. Thank You! 



Mae said... Reply To This Comment

Make sure you spell "you're" correctly, instead of like "your." They're two different words. :-)

"...I hope that your enjoying your holiday" should be "I hope YOU'RE enjoying your holiday."

chrs2phr1 said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Brandon for all you do. It takes effort to keep a blog up, you do such a spectacular job!

Vee said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Brandon! I'm new to your blog! Awesome job you're doing. I just went onto the site this morning and some of the full size body products of sky, air and sun are online now! I've ordered my shower gels today!

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